Special Higher. Bigger. More solid.

The LEGI fence systems are secure, offer versatile protection and can be expanded and enlarged in a variety of ways. The special fences that we are presenting here are only a sample of what is possible with LEGI systems. With LEGI, you will achieve the ultimate in speciality areas: Extremely high, extremely solid and extremely secure. These special fences complete the range of effectiveness.

The LEGI ball catching fence protects residents living next to football areas, playgrounds and sports fields from the naturally unavoidable higher noise level from children and athletes playing ball. The system keeps the athletes from unwanted long interruptions in play caused by having to retrieve for the ball.

The stone fence from the LEGI R system protects against observation and noise or sound from the outside and offers you a variety of design possibilities. The LEGI safety fences protect against destruction from impact, for example from vehicles, and against dismantling by intruders.