Safety fence TÜV-tested protection

The extreme stability of the new LEGI fence system R+ATK provides an unprecedented level of impact and crash protection, which should never be foregone, especially at points exposed to public transportation.

The rounded ATK-RK clamping plates bolted from the outside as well as the ATK-BS U-bolt minimise unnecessary risks of injury and, in conjunction with the high permissible tolerances for the post spacing, ensure a simple and technically perfect installation of the LEGI R uno R, LEGI R uno D, LEGI R pur R and LEGI R pur Dfence systems. These protective fence systems are therefore suitable for use in the private, commercial and public sectors.

In addition, the LEGI R pur R fence provides absolute protection against dismantling, because the VA brackets are bolted to the inner wall of the pipe posts from the inside and therefore cannot be loosened from the outside! The LEGI R pur R fence system is therefore particularly suitable for objects requiring greater protection from burglary and theft!

The LEGI R uno D and R pur D fences offer additional protection against burglary through the use of extremely stable wire structures as posts in addition to the resulting visibility! Visibility from the inside out is an important advantage for protecting an object or property, in particular for vulnerable industrial facilities, such as power plants or refineries and also for political public buildings, such as embassies or even military barracks! The LEGI R uno R and R pur D fence systems are therefore particularly suitable for high security areas!

However, for many applications such as in commercial areas with advertising space or exhibits inside of the fence, visibility from the outside in is an important consideration when selecting the right individual fence system! Here we recommend using the LEGI grilles R-L.Q2, which allow a maximum visibility through the fence due to the slender vertical bars!

More than 20-times the increased tensile strength! (Up to over 2,000 kg)
Possible grille heights
LEGI connection method R+ATK