Stone fence Individual. Natural. Secure.

The LEGI stone fence meets the requirements of modern architecture with its understated appearance and therefore creates a harmonious visible surface without disruptive interruptions. Its slender and clear structure creates efficient and individual partitions. The highest dimensional stability and long durability are characteristic of our LEGI stone fence system.

  • Individual
    With the LEGI stone fence, gardens are uniquely designed with clear architecture and are close to nature. The variety of different types of stone in various layers creates a wealth of design options. All of your property remains available for other uses on account of the small amount of space needed in terms of depth (25 cm).
  • Secure
    In double posts set in individual foundations with grilles elements mounted on both sides, which, combined with additional spacers, results in a special kind of stable property fencing. The visual demarcation of public space also provides a considerable reduction in noise pollution.
  • Natural and unique rather like nature itself
    The LEGI stone fence is excellent for growing creeping plants and creates valuable ecological islands through hollow spaces permeable to water and air.
Double posts RP.D fit D
Double posts RP.D fit R+K
Cover grilles / spacer

Stone fence optional with cover grilles

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Corrosion protection (LKS / KS)
hot-dip galvanised DIN EN ISO 1461
Standard colours (SF)
We provide additional RAL colours upon request.