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Year History
1949 Development and production of reusable safety nets for underground mining, which economised on the material that was scarce in underground mining after the war and protected the miners underground from rock-falls in mining and tunnelling operations. The safety nets are no longer needed today, because stowage is no longer an acceptable practice for the modern mining industry.
1949 Development and use of a drilling dust hood for dust-free drilling of the rock in mining. The hood collected the drilling dust and thereby largely protected miners from the incurable disease "silicosis", which is caused by the inhalation of stone dust. The drilling dust hood is nowadays also no longer used due to changes in mining practices.
1952 Development of the wire delay for fire-proof roadway systems in the mining industry. This delay helps to prevent mine fires or to prevent already existing fires from spreading. It is a safety product that today still holds a fixed place in mining at home and abroad.
1964 Invention of LEGI lattice fences, whose designs have become established over many years. They created a means of limitation that has conquered the market with its stability, security and cost effectiveness combined with its clear design.
1964 Start of cage construction for zoological facilities. These continuously upgraded cage designs enjoy great popularity in Europe due to their safety combined with good transparency and design options while also taking into account the need for optimal functionality in relation to modern, species-appropriate keeping of animals. The resulting tasks always place new demands on our experience in this specialized field.
1974 As another contribution to improving the environment: Development of the LEGI bloom twining support. Under the motto "More green with LEGI", additional greening opportunities for walls, areas and outdoor facilities are created. As a modular system, it provides the planner with every opportunity to realise his or her ideas in terms of twiners and borders.
1989 Expansion of our operation and commissioning of our automatic powder coating plant on the occasion of our 40th anniversary. The plant puts into effect the latest expert knowledge from the field of environmental protection and guarantees a modern, environmentally-friendly surface coating that meets the demands of our time. Our entire product range is vastly improved with this first-class surface.
2009 LEGI's groundbreaking development in the field of fence-post connection, R+ATK joining technology - TÜV-certified protection from LEGI.
2013 Other sophisticated products from the LEGI factories. Based on the latest technologies in all areas of development and production, the NIRO sliding gate system is produced in the modern production facilities of LEGI GmbH. Reliable premium products with maximum stability, reliability and durability.